In alphabetical order

Thomas Kingelin, M.Sc., A.Sc., Lecturer in Hospitality, Haaga-Helia. Kingelin has 3 years of teaching experience and more than 15 years of experience in various c-level business positions in the tourism industry ( Omena Hotels CEO, Clarion Finland Sales Director, Långvik Hotel Sales Director, Scandic Hotels Finland Corporate Sales Director). He has experience in professional, sales and management positions. In his recent roles he has had a strong change management approach, which has meant managing performance, strategy, people development, sales improvement and maximising operating margin.
Head of Digital Development, Visit Finland. Kaisa Kosonen is an experienced, energetic and self-driven digital development, travel industry and B2B sales professional. She enjoys looking at the big picture and putting together concrete strategies and roadmaps together with the stakeholders. When there is a strategy in place it is time to execute it. She is all about getting things moving and staying focused on the agreed goals. Digital opportunities, strategic approach and future horizons excite her. She is especially interested in the ways digitalisation can support sustainability and always keeps her eyes open for new opportunities and partnerships.
“Imagine a world where every hotel not only meets, but anticipates and exceeds your desires. A world shaped by the fusion of technology, strategic mastery, and human connection.” Having once navigated the impressive expansion of Expedia Group’s lodging inventory in Finland, Joel Pakalen is no stranger to the challenges of the hospitality industry. Today, he stands at the forefront as the Head of Distribution for Hotel Growth Agency, pioneering change and setting benchmarks.